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The Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association Ltd is the Governing Body for Clay Target Shooting in Wales and represents the interests of all it’s Members at National and International level. Membership of the WCTSA Ltd offers a comprehensive insurance package for all members which gives third party liability insurance cover up to 10 million pounds when taking part in all shotgun sports including clay shooting, rough shooting, game shooting and wildfowling.

In essence the WCTSA offers a comprehensive package for all shooters including;

  • To shoot at any WCTSA affiliated ground.
  • To have your scores registered and managed for classification.
  • To compete at all National Championships and selection shoots.
  • Selection for your County or to shoot for Wales.

What is Clay Shooting?

Clay shooting is the popular and growing sport of shooting flying clay targets with a shotgun.

It’s safe, exciting, challenging and fun. Hitting the target requires skill, timing and hand-eye coordination, but there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you pull the trigger and see the target explode into a million pieces!

You can enjoy clay shooting at any level, from local club shoots all the way through to national and international competitions and the Olympics………


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