Why Become a Member?

Benefits of Becoming a Member

As part of your membership with the WCTSA you are entitled to:

    • Public liability insurance cover (further details below)
    • Free membership card and badge on joining
    • A classification system tailored to meet the requirements of shooters at all levels
    • Protection for your sport – the WCTSA liaises closely with the BSSC, Police and the Home Office
    • Free advice service to all members, shoot organisers and affiliated clubs of all sizes
    • Gain a team place for your county, region or country – even the Olympic Games
    • A variety of coaching schemes & courses exclusive to members
    • The chance to compete in county, regional, national and international competitions
    • Availability to enter major championships for all categories of shooters



Your WCTSA membership will provide you with £10 million public & products liability insurance cover for ALL shotgun sport including clay shooting, rough shooting, game shooting & wildfowling, rifle shooting including deer hunting & pest control.

PLEASE NOTE – cover is Worldwide with the exception of USA & Canada. Members are required to obtain their own suitable insurance cover when visiting these countries.

WCTSA Insurance – Policy Schedule

WCTSA Insurance – Employers Liability Certificate

WCTSA Insurance – Policy IPID

WCTSA Insurance – Policy Wording

Apply Online

Adult & Senior Citizen Membership £65

Junior (Under 21) Membership £30


If you have any difficulties with online payments, please take a screenshot of the error message and email it to wctsa.membership@hotmail.com