Welsh Teams

Selection for the Welsh Team

Representing your country in any sport is a source of immense pride and clay shooting is no exception. By taking part in the Welsh selection shoots you could find yourself representing Wales all over the world.
There is nothing to beat the pride felt when you’re wearing the Welsh badge. All the time and money you’ve spent is now so worthwhile when you achieve that goal and you’re recognised as a Welsh International shooter. Great friendships are formed between team members and there’s a real sense of camaraderie.
It’s also about being an Ambassador for Welsh shooting-representing Wales in the most positive way across the World. Someone where future Welsh shooters can seek help and advice from-a potential mentor, helping to strengthen the future of Welsh shooting.
If you fancy giving it a go, keep an eye open on the website, for the dates of the Selection Shoots or contact the discipline Reps on the Contacts page for more information or help.
Come along and take part-who knows, the next person wearing a Welsh skeet vest could be you…



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