Welsh Successes at the English Open & Welsh Qualifier Results

This week’s roundup, starts with our Welsh shooters successes at the recent English Open Sporting, at High Lodge.

With 1080 shooters taking part this year, this is a major competition!!

Firstly, Mike Jones-who shot a 113/120 had to shoot off to get into the Superfinal. Having got into the Superfinal with George Digweed, Richard Faulds, John Lee, Paul Batchelor and Phil Gray, Mike then successfully got through the first round of 25 targets with George, Phil and Paul. During the next round of targets, despite great shooting, Mike was knocked out-but this still left him 4th overall and 1st in AAA-a fantastic result Mike!!

Annalise Evans was Lady Junior High Gun and Jacob O’Loughlin was Junior High Gun and 1st in A Class and another highlight was that Dorian and Annalise Evans, were victorious in the Parent & Child Class! Congratulations all!!

Pictures courtesy of CPSA, High Lodge and Caesar Guerini UK.

Sunday also saw the 5th DTL Welsh Qualifier take place at SW2000 SG.

51 shooters took part, with Elis Jones coming out as High Gun, with a 99/294-Well shot Elis!!

At Griffin Lloyd SG-also on Sunday, the 3rd Welsh ABT Qualifier too place. On a beautiful day, Graham Evans was High Gun with a sublime 96-but I’ve also got to mention a Junior shooter-Rob Shone, who shot the only 25 of the day and came 2nd overall and 1st in C Class on a 91, one clay ahead of Phil Dando-the only 3 shooters in the 90’s! Great shooting all!!

Picture courtesy of Griffin Lloyd SG

If I’ve missed you, or you’ve a shoot report, then email me at webmanager@wctsa.co.uk