Tuesday Treats Updates

A couple of results I missed off yesterday’s post and some late results in.

The weekend saw the English & British Open A/R at Northampton SG. In the English Open, Graham Evans won a Bronze medal and in the British Open, he went and won Gold!! Congratulations Graham!!

At Fauxdegla SG, Saturday saw their 50 OTR & 50 ABT competition. Coming out on top on both disciplines and High Gun with 87, was Emyr Davies. Well shot Emyr.

And on the Sunday, their 100 DTL High Gun, was Phil Morgan with a 99/296. Well shot Phil!

Tony King Memorial Cup

Mike Jones was Welsh High Gun at the recent Welsh Sporting Team selection shoot held at Ferndale Shooting Club on 11th June 2022, earning himself the Tony King Memorial Cup.  The trophy was not presented at the time but was awarded to Mike at the Welsh Open Sporting Championship by Jon Kendall.  Well done Mike on another fantastic achievement this year!



2022 Welsh Open Sporting Championship

The 2022 Welsh Open Sporting Championship was held at Lea Farm and saw the largest number of shooters in attendance for several years.  The championship was also the final selection shoot for those hoping to qualify for the Welsh International Sporting Team.

The Overall Open Sporting Championship and Welsh High Gun trophies both went to Andrew White who scored a phenomenal 97/100, just pipping Mike Jones’ impressive 96/100 to the post.  Colt High Gun was Connor Davies (74/100), Junior High Gun was Jacob O’Loughlin (88/100), Ladies High Gun was Janine White (85/100), Veteran High Gun was Guy Robinson (94/100), and Super-Veteran High Gun went to Mick Harding (87/100).


The full Welsh Sporting International Team results will be announced shortly.


The WCTSA and sporting reps would like to thank Huw Stephens of Barbury Shooting School for generously donating £500 towards the Welsh Sporting Team so that the top 5 qualifying team shooters will each receive £100 to go towards their international expenses- it is greatly appreciated.


If you have any ideas regarding sponsorship for the WCTSA or Welsh shooting teams or are interested in sponsoring Welsh shooting in the future, please contact the Chairman at chairman@wctsa.co.uk.


Please see the Welsh Open Sporting Championship results below:


Overall and Welsh Open Sporting Champion

Andrew White     –    (97/100)


Welsh Open Sporting Runner-Up

Mike Jones          –     (96/100)


Colt Champion   

Connor Davies     –    (74/100)


Junior Champion

Jacob O’Loughlin  –   (88/100)

Junior Runner-Up

John Hoare            –   (78/100)


Ladies Champion

Janine White        –    (85/100)


Veteran Champion

Guy Robinson      –     (94/100)


Super-Vet Champion

Mick Harding       –     (87/100)



1st     –    Mike Jones           (96/100)

=2nd –    Bleddyn Lewis      (94/100)

        –    Guy Robinson       (94/100)



1st     –   Martin Kneene      (93/100)

2nd    –   Tim Howell             (89/100)

3rd     –   Jacob O’Loughlin  (88/100)

4th     –   Mick Harding         (87/100)



1st     –   Ben Pritchard        (82/100)

= 2nd –   David Lewis           (78/100) 

         –   John Hoare           (78/100)



1st     –   Graham Roberts   (78/100)

2nd    –   James Morris         (75/100)