Target Change

This morning, we’ve launched a very important and exciting new initiative called #TargetChange. It’s designed to change the perceptions of target shooting and shape our vision of becoming a more inclusive and diverse sport through on-the-ground have-a-go events and other targeted projects.


To launch it, rifle shooter, Ruth Mwandumba has written and performed a really powerful poem about her experiences in the sport. As a black female athlete in target shooting, Ruth is one of just 0.5% and while her experience in the shooting community has been positive, we all need to do more to reach new audiences and attract new people to our sport.


You may have seen some of our teasers on social media in the build-up, but we would absolutely love everyone in the target shooting world to get behind the campaign today and this week by sharing, commenting, liking, and posting about #TargetChange. Whether that be sharing Ruth’s video, or posting content yourself.


You can find the poem video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and the website so whichever your preferred medium, we’d love you to interact in whatever way you prefer.


A direct link to the video on YouTube is here:


To find out a little more about the campaign, you can read lots more about it here:



Having watched the poem, if you want to get involved with the campaign or simply let me know your thoughts/feedback, please feel free to email me back at


We look forward to seeing the impact we can make as a target shooting community.



Kind Regards,

British Shooting

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