FITASC Home International – Managers Report

FITASC Home International 2023

Team Managers Report

Location ; National Shooting Centre Dungannon

 Date: 29.09.23

Individual high gun was Colin Will from Scotland on a score of 90. Mark Doyle also shot 90 but wasn’t available for the shoot off. Nigel (89), Richard (87), Josh (87) and Jacob (87) were all within the top 10 overall individually.

In the overall team event, Wales finished 3rd.

The seniors category was as tight as it has been for many years. Ireland coming out on top. Only 13 clays the difference from Wales score to the winning team score.

We are very proud of our Junior team for winning the team event. Jacob’s last international as a Junior. A great send off and passing of the baton to John.

The course was made up of 4 layouts. Hole, Skeet, House and Hill which was dubbed heartbreak hill by the end of the weekend. Ill timed weather added to the woes of heartbreak hill for 2 squads.

Our new caps for 2023 were- Matt Bodfish, John Hoare, Mark Legge, Iwan Evans, Robert Harrison & Philip Willis. The first of many caps to come. Well done all.

Senior Team Scores

Ireland 501
Northern Ireland 494
England 490
Scotland 489
Wales 488


Overall Awards

Captains Cup – Nigel Hart – 89

Veteran High Gun Cup – Nigel Hart – 89 + 24/25 in the shoot off with Shaun Stacey

Junior Team Winners – Jacob O’Loughlin and John Hoare by a margin of 13 clays over Ireland

Veteran Team Runner Up – Nigel Hart & Robert Harrison – 11 clays the deficit

3rd OA of the match – Nigel Hart after a 2 way shoot off with Shaun Stacey (ENG) and Colin Dunne (IRE). Yes he actually won a shoot off.

Welsh Awards

Overall Welsh High Gun – Nigel Hart – 89

Richard Hughes and Josh Keeble both scored 87 , then had a shoot off for Welsh senior high gun, Richard kept the door closed with an impressive 25 straight – 3 clear of Josh’s 22.

Welsh Junior High Gun – Jabob O’Loughlin – 87

Welsh Veteran High Gun – Nigel Hart – 89

Welsh Super Veteran High Gun – Phil Willis – 71

The team would like to express their thanks to our Northern Irish hosts for a brilliant weekend of sport.