ABT Intercounties Final 2021

Sunday, October 11th, saw the ABT Intercounties Final take place at SW2000.

The weather gods were definitely with the shooters, on what was an absolutely glorious, still, close and sunny day.

With 11 squads and 60 shooters taking part-fewer than in previous years, but still a very good turnout, the competition was going to be tough! It was encouraging to see quite a few new caps too.

Even with such good conditions, 25 straights were few and far between, with only 9 shot throughout the competition-but the undoubted star of the day, shooting 3 of those, was Wales Captain, Simon Jenkins, who after a 21 on his first round, then shot 75 straight-eventually being Senior High Gun.

The Winning Senior Team was Mid Glamorgan, who were 8 clays ahead of Gwent

While 25’s were few and far between, in total, there were 10 scores of 90 and above and another 28 scores of 80 and above-so a high scoring final!!

Thank you to all the shooters and their families who attended and made it such a good day and the WCTSA would like to thank Mike Amodeo and his staff, for a very well run day.


High Gun Individual Trophy Winners

Senior High Gun-Simon Jenkins 96

Captains Cup-Gary Beagan 93

Ladies High Gun-Elizabeth Walton-James 86

Veteran High Gun-Martyn Heywood 91

Super Veteran High Gun-Geoffrey Seaborne 92

Junior High Gun-Rhys Tucker 87

Colt High Gun-Chloe Davies 75

High Gun Non-International-Neil Stephens 90


Winning Team Trophies

Winning Senior Team-Mid Glamorgan 688

Runner-Up Team-Gwent 680

Winning Ladies Team-Mid Glamorgan ( Elizabeth-Walton-James & Claire Lewis)

Winning Veterans Team-Gwent ( Martyn Heywood & Phil Dando)

Winning Super Veterans Team-Gwent ( Geoffrey Seaborne & T Griffiths)

Winning Junior Team-Mid Glamorgan (Rhys Tucker & Chloe Davies)

Full scores and presentation pictures below.