A Jam-Packed Shooting Weekend!

What a weekend of shooting we’ve just had and some superb Welsh shooter performances to talk about!

Firstly, a mention to Ben Llewllin’s 124/125 OSK score at the ISSF World Cup in Baku-superb shooting Ben!!

Back on these shores, the OSK at SW2000 on Saturday and Sunday, were the final 2 Welsh Qualifiers and also the Welsh Grand Prix. Overall High Gun on both days was Mitchell Brooker-Smith, with D Davies, the Welsh High Gun, also on both days. Well shot!

Fauxdegla SG, played host to the BICTSF 125 OT UK Championship

Welsh successes were John Slatter, who picked up the Veterans Silver Medal, Graham Evans who picked up both the Disabled Champion and the Veterans Bronze Medal and the Ladies Silver Medallist, hot on the heels of her Semi-Final place at the recent OT ISSF GP in Granada, was Georgina Roberts….Congratulations all!!!

But by far the largest event of the weekend, was the DTL weekend at Bywell SG-normally a successful ground for Welsh shooters and again so!

On the 1st day-the Sponsors Day, 1st in AA was Elis Jones with a 100/296 and 25/75 and 24! In Veterans, Colin Lewis was 3rd with 98/292.

Day 2 was the Dougall Memorial and overall High Gun on a 100/299 was Elis Jones, with Russell Thomas 1st in B Class with a 99/287, Iwan Mills-Hull Cartridge Companies newest sponsored shooter, was 1st in Juniors with a 97/283 and David Baugh was 2nd in Veterans with a 97/285.

On Day 3-the English Open, Iwan Mills was 2nd in Juniors with a 98/288, Phil Morgan won the Grandparent Trophy and was Joint 3rd in AA, with a 99/295!

Lastly, as the AA Class Overall High Gun over the 3 days of shooting, Elis Jones also won a Beretta Semi Auto Shotgun! Great shooting by everyone!!

Have I missed anything? If so, email me at webmanager@wctsa.co.uk

Pictures courtesy of Bywell SG, BICTSF, Fauxdegla SG, CPSA, British Shooting, Hull CC