Welcome from the Chairman

Welcome to the WCTSA’s new website!

I think you will agree, whilst it has been a long wait, the result has been worth waiting for. The first thing I would like to say is to thank Board Member and Stats Office Gavin Harvey, for his tireless efforts in getting this up and running, along with some welcome additional input from Clive Bowen at Mid Wales Shooting Centre when required. We must remember that without such unpaid efforts the association could not function.

Following my election last October, I, with the boards backing, have embarked on a program of modernisation and improvements, based on the communicated wishes and concerns expressed by members and shooters both prior to, and during, the AGM.

Obviously the first manifestation of this is the new website for which I cannot take the credit.

We have also updated the County Rules for qualifiers and finals, bringing in some changes that were requested at the County Coordinators meeting in November, which were subsequently passed by the board. The main changes include,

  1. All Senior Teams will now be comprised of 12 shooters with 8 scores to count, and only 1 senior team per County allowed. No other restriction on other county categories.
  2. Both the Qualifiers and the County Finals will now NOT be registered.
  3. Sanctions for submitting fictitious shooters scores are now included.

Hopefully these rules are also now more readable.

We also plan to produce a set of rules for Welsh Qualifiers which will be a single set of multi-disciplinary rules, rather than many different versions.

The next big change is the re-writing of our Articles of Association, which are outdated and not always following recent company legislation. Once agreed by the board we will be putting them before the members in the form of an Extraordinary General Meeting, as adoption is dependent on passing them at an AGM or EGM. I will endeavour to keep you updated with them as we go, and make sure the draft versions are on the website as soon as they are available.

Going back to the website, the boards aim is to make this the voice piece of the board to communicate with the membership, and for Welsh shooters to know they have a voice and a way to communicate with the board, AND that their voices will be heard. To that end, the site will only be current and contain all relevant news etc with your help. Please ensure that you provide us with any information, news, reports and photographs which you wish to add. There will be updates coming soon on the best way to do this, along with information about the WCTSA social media platforms going forward.

So, in conclusion, welcome, and over to you for your news, input and constructive criticism to help the board move the association to where it should be, as the official representative of Welsh shotgun shooting.

Rob Harrison.