OSK Selection shoots 2021

Hi Guys

You may remember my last fixture email of the 14th December 2020

Attached as a reminder is the invite to the OSK Tournament to be held at Doveridge on the 14th August this year

I have been in touch last week with Mike at SW2000 to reserve some selection shoot space on the calendar.

Even though it’s likely to be a busy spring and summer when restrictions are lifted, he has confirmed availability for us.

The dates we have booked are the 2 day weekends as follows:-

Both 29th and 30th May

Both 19th and 20th June

Both 17th and 18th July (One of these will be the Open OSK Welsh Grand Prix)

It is important that we have a plan and these dates offer the opportunity for you guys from the North to have a worthwhile weekend and the potential for 6  x 100 target shoots (as in the Home International Tournament)

However, I do not think we will need any more than 4 days this year, assuming even they can go ahead … covid restrictions permitting. Some of us, understandably, may still be reticent to go where there are a lot of people in a confined space.

We are also aware that there may be clashes with GB shoots due to the condensed nature of the shooting calendar this year and I am working with the board to mitigate the issues should they arise.

There may also be a requirement to put in 125 scores for anyone hoping for a Commonwealth Games place and we are looking at possibilities to facilitate that issue as well should it arise.

It’s been a horrible year for shooting but we are looking forward to meeting up soon on the shooting grounds… we are committed to submitting a Welsh Team for the Home International…  provided it goes ahead, so for now please put those dates in your diary and as the year develops, in the next couple of months we will fine tune what we can do best with the time confirmed.

I suggest you also hold off paying a hotel deposit for the banquet venue yet, we may yet have to adopt other less formal ceremonial facilities.

Hope you’re all well… Stay safe!

Best wishes