NSK Welsh Qualifier Dates 2021

After this week’s WCTSA board meeting, the decision has been taken to reduce the number of qualifiers for NSK from 8 to 6, with 4 scores to count.

These dates are subject to the Welsh Government’s Covid-19 restrictions being eased or lifted and the events may still not go ahead, or the number of qualifiers may have to be reduced.

The date of the HCIT to be held at Fauxdegla is August 27th & 28th-but again, this is subject to Covid-19 restrictions, as will be the banquet and trophy presentation.

We will keep all shooters aware of any changes as they happen

Full qualifier details can be found on the Events page, but venues and dates are as below-


North Wales Shooting School April 24th & 25th

Fauxdegla Shooting Ground June 26th & 27th

SW2000 July 10th & 11th