This is a fantastic opportunity for one lucky junior to further develop their shooting potential. Simply answer the questions below and enter.


The junior programme has been stepped up a notch with more and more sponsors coming on board to help us with this new initiative.

Through the generous donations we have far more packages available and each one is valued over £1800.

Kids from all over the UK ages between 11-16 now will be considered and you can nominate yourself or if you know of someone you can nominate them.

Simply answer the questions below and send them to Marti435@hotmail.co.uk

Sponsors include:

Webley & Scott Highland Outdoors

Vario Hearables

Blueye Eyewear

Multi Industrial Doors

Shooting Sports UK

Clay Shooting Magazine


What you need to answer:

1.​ Brief description of the nomination and reasons why they/you should be considered:

2.​ Current Address, Age and Gender of the nomination:

3.​ Do they/you, or any immediate family members hold a current shotgun certificate, if yes who are they and what gun do they shoot:

4.​ Interests and hobbies:

5.​ What are their/your shooting aspirations and what is their/your local ground:

6.​ Can the parents support them/you financially to shoot at least once a month?

7.​ Do they/you have access to flexible transportation to transport them/you to shoots and events?

8.​ Do they/you have any underlying medical disabilities that may restrict their/your shooting, or anything we should be aware of?

9.​ Are there any legal reasons why they/you or a direct family member cannot take part in shooting related activities?

10.​ Are they/you socially adaptable to shoot as part of a team with other young shots?

11. What Calibre shotgun have you currently been using:

CLOSING DATE 14th March 2021

Nominations coming in by the hour, good luck to all


Team BH