Is this the oldest clay target club in Wales?

Gwynfe  Clay Target Club.


Is this the oldest clay target club in Wales? 50 years ago, man set foot on the moon, the Beatles released their White album LP  and dialling a phone required a clockwise finger rotation and Gwynfe Gun club was formed. At Gwynfe, you will always receive a warm welcome and for the novice shooter ample free tuition and advice.

                             Gwynfe Clay Target Club held their 50th anniversary clay shoot, with a free buffet, sandwiches, pasties, cakes tea and coffee available for all who attended the 10 bird re-entry competition.

The Gwynfe Clay Target Club, situated on the foot hills of the Black Mountains, overlooking the 13th century Carreg Cennen Castle which was more familiar with the sound of cannons and muskets than 12 bore shotguns in years gone past.

Gwynfe were recently awarded a grant from the Sports Council for Wales, allowing the club to purchase a new Laporte clay trap and Canterbury acoustic release system. New heavy duty rubber mats for wheel chair users to facilitate movement from peg to peg are also in place.

There have been two coaching sessions for juniors and ladies held, and others in the pipeline with a qualified CPSA coach in attendance.

A local club does not survive or flourish for 50 years without local support and that support is reciprocated with the club assisting the locality, with clay shoots being organised and the proceeds being donated to the villages of Llangadog and of course Trap itself.

The club boasts a number of shooters that have represented not only the county of Dyfed but also the Welsh DTL team, in competitions in Ireland Scotland, England and also the Home International in Wales last year.

On the day of the anniversary competition, with a brisk left to right wind blowing affecting the targets presented, only three competitors made the final shoot off, Allan Jones, Teg Rees and  Graham Griffiths, In the shoot off, the winner of the 50th anniversary tankard was Graham Griffiths  with the runners up being presented with consolation bottles of wine.

So is this the oldest clay target club in Wales. ?