ABT Welsh Open Report by Sarah Nichols-Weaver

On a cold and somewhat windy June day, the Welsh Open, a highly competitive event, was hosted at Fauxdegla on June 9th, with a mix of determined shooters from Wales and nearby England.

Following a thrilling draw between Andrew Dunne and John Lucy, both of whom scored an impressive 96, Andrew Dunne emerged as the High Gun. His victory was sealed with a remarkable 25 straight in a final shoot off, a testament to his exceptional skill and determination.

Ernest Vernon shot a magnificent 94, which not only won him the Super Veteran category but also won him High Gun for Wales.

A special mention to James Ward who took the Colts and Junior prize with 91, ending his competition with his first ever 25 straight.

Heartfelt congratulations to all the participants who showcased their shooting prowess at the Welsh Open. Your dedication and skill made this event a memorable one.