52nd European FITASC Sporting Report by Rob Harrison-Chairman


Well, what a fabulous well-run professional competition this was.

The event took place in Tata Hungary, approximately one hour from Budapest.

The ground was set amongst fabulous deciduous forest land, and remarkable quarries which resembled something from a Star Wars film set.

Each layout had woodchip paths over the grass and red clay sand which probably constituted miles in length, with all the woodchip being barrowed in by hand.

Of course, continental countries benefit from the support and in some cases aid from their governments,  to ensure that prestigious events such as this impress those visiting shooters, and it is a shame that the UK does not get the same help, nor shooting the same profile as it seems to in other countries.

I’m pleased to report superb personal performances as part of team GB by three Welsh shooters.

The shooters were in the Ladies team Lucy Pitt.

in the  Men’s team (Senior) Jonathan Kendall who was also GB team captain.

In the Senior’s team (Veterans) Nigel Hart.

Jon shot an amazing 25 straight on the challenging Promatic layout, with Nigel achieving an equally impressive straight on the Vertes layout.

In what was a challenging course of eight layouts, with probably the best FITASC targets I personally have ever shot; I am pleased to announce that all three Welsh shooters brought home team silver medals in their respective categories. Congratulations to Lucy, Nigel and Jon.

As a final comment please note, the World Championship FITASC in 2021 will be held at this venue, so if you want to shoot such fabulous targets put the date in your diary now!


Rob Harrison