2021 DTL Intercounties Final

          Following on from the recent Home International and British open DTL competition, October 3rd had competitors from Clwyd, Gwynedd, Mid Glamorgan, Gwent and Dyfed attend the 2021 DTL county final.

        With a strong wind blowing across the layouts with rain and sunshine thrown in for good measure, high scores would be difficult to achieve. As it proved, with overall high gun winner and a new Welsh cap this year Clwyd`s John Pritchard,taking the trophy with a 95/278, with Dyfed`s Neil Stephens Senior High Gun winner a mere target and a point behind on 94/277. this score was to take the High Gun Non-International as well.

       The Ladies trophy was won by Clwyd shooter Diane Condie,and also from Clwyd, Callum Jones, winning the Colt`s trophy.

      John added to his trophy collection with score also taking the Veterans HG trophy, another double trophy winner was Gwent’s David Cross his score of 92/270 winning the Captain’s Cup and Super Vets trophy. The Junior High Gun was Gwynedd`s Tomos Jones.

           After presenting the individual trophies, WCTSA Chairman Rob Harrison proceeded with the county team prizes,

Winning Senior team was Dyfed, Winning Super Veteran team was Gwent’s David Cross and Geoff Seaborne.

The Veterans team was Clwyd`s Alan Davies and Colin Lewis. Clwyd`s Ladies team of Diane Condie and Diana Barnett collected their trophy.  The event ran without a hitch as is the norm for Mike and Debbie’s team at Fauxdegla.


Overall HG    JE Pritchard   Clwyd 95/278

Senior HG     N Stephens     Dyfed 94/277 WO

Captains Cup D Cross         Gwent 92/270

Ladies HG     D Condie       Clwyd 86/249

Veteran HG   JE Pritchard   Clwyd 95/278

Super Vet HG DJ Cross      Gwent 92/270

Junior HG     TP Jones         Gwynedd 81/232

Colt HG        CS Jones        Clwyd 78/228

HG Non-International Neil Stephens Dyfed 94/277


Winning Teams

Senior               Dyfed         2084x 2400

Runner up        Clwyd         1550x 2400

Ladies Team     Clwyd           475/600

Veterans team   Clwyd           522/600

Super Vets team Gwent         523/600


Image 1 Happy Clwyd shooters
Image 2 Not so happy Clwyd weather
Image 3 Tomos Jones Juniors winner
Image 4 Pensive Lady shooter
Image 5 Ladies winner Diane Condie
Image 6 Senior HG, Non-International HG & Dyfed HG Neil Stephens
Thank you to Allan Jones for the pictures and report