Cymdeithas Saethu Targedau Clai Cymru Cyf

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General Secretary:

Mrs Valmai Matulla

1, Glanrafon,          




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email: wctsa@hotmail.co.uk

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Company Number: 04345492

Updated News


OT Welsh Selection Shoots 2018 updated


2018 Welsh Selection Shoot dates for DTL & NSK posted on International pages (dates for other disciplines to be posted as they come in)


Talent Identification Day

@ Griffin Lloyd see news page for further details


Ben LLewellin's latest Medal Haul see news page for the stories


Welsh shooter success at CPSA events .Go to news page for details


DTL Team updated


NSkeet updated


ABT team updated


Sporting team updated


Osk updated teams


OT Team updated


Fitasc team updated



Please see change in OTR Welsh Selection Fixtures


osk Dates for 2017 on

International OSK page


MQS 2017  


            SENIORS    /   V, SV,L,J

DTL              285                  275

OSK               60                   60

OT                  80                   70

NSK                92                   90

SPORTING   80                   75

FITASC           75                   70

ABT                85                   80







81st DTL HCIT Report & Results now available on the News page


The Welsh DTL Team Results of the 2015 DTL Home Countries International Tournament is now on the DTL International Team page


County reports for 2015 on County page & photographs, in gallery, added to the website as available. Updated 27/04/15.


The Firearms (variation of fees) order 2015, see link on the News page for more details.






Welsh Selection Shoot Dates 2018


08/04/2018 Mid Wales SC

29/04/2018 Fauxdegla SC NEW DATE

13/05/2018 Mid Wales SC

20/05/2018 Fauxdegla SC CANCELLED

10/06/2018 Mid Wales SC

17/06/2018 Fauxdegla SC

01/07/2018 Fauxdegla SC

07/07/2017 Mid Wales SC Welsh Open (Welsh Selection Shoot)

08/07/2017 Mid Wales SC Welsh Open (Welsh Selection Shoot)

HCIT 19/07/2018 & British Open 20/07/2018                                    



Can we reminder people who win trophies this year at the banquet please check paper work they sign for is for the appropriate trophy, as they are responsible for what they sign for.


Will Palmer 07710288889


Dai Ricketts 01497 847589/07770593449



DTL HCIT/B.O 2016 full details



1. Membership of the WCTSA prior to entering the competition is mandatory.

2. Qualifying will consist of 8 one hundred bird shoots, The Welsh Open Grand Prix will not be a qualifying shoot in 2015

3.To qualify for the International Team, a shooter must have shot at least 400 targets, ie 4 from the 8 qualifiers.

4.Team selection is on a points basis, The highest Welsh member eligible for the team on the day taking 0 points, and points added for each                               shooter dependent on their score from that high gun score.

5.   International Team consists of 20 Seniors, 5 Ladies, 5 Juniors ( under 21 1st January in the year of the International) and 5 Veterans (over 55 1st January in the year of the International) 5 Super Veterans (over 65 1st January in the year of the International)


6.If team places are tied then a shoot off system will apply, a full round of 25, if not

     resolved a second  round of 25 will be shot., Then if still tied single barrel sudden

    death until a result is obtained.




Please see updated document agreed at the I.C.T.S.C on 26th Feruary 2016

                       Eligibiity Rules


8.WCTSA rules will apply to each competition.

9.The top 20 scores at the end of the end of the qualification process will

      automatically be considered  for inclusion in the Senior Team.

10 The Super Veterans Team will consist of the 5 eligible shooters with least points.

11.The Veteran Team will consist of the 5 eligible shooters with least points.

12.Ladies Team  will consist of the 5 eligible shooters with least points.

13.The Junior team  will consist of the 5 eligible shooters with least points.

 Ladies, Juniors, Veterans & super Veterans will be invited to choose which category they wish to compete in on completion of the selection procedure, if they qualify for more than one category.

14.  Entries times for each shoot shall be determined by the ground holding the shoot.

15. In future, ANY, conduct unbecoming of an Association member at any

      qualifying shoot, or the International, will be reported to the Executive

      Committee and disciplinary action MAY result.

16.   From 2016 a minimum score of 255 must be scored at least once to qualify in all categories

DTL Team 2015


British Open entry Form 2015 Ireland firearm form 2015 DTL Team Announced


Details of DTL Open Shoot following B O 2015 DTL HCIT Results from Ireland Team 2016


MQS scores
2016 DTL Team Announced

Note to all current memebers:

The expiry date is onthe back of your  current membership  card.

Please make sure you renew it before the expiry date

DTL Team 2017

After 8 shoots